Warning! There is some issue with mobile carriers that causes huge delay in messages delivery, which then causes the delay in a campaign completion. This is why some users cannot create new campaign. We are working on it and may need to restart the app several times during the day to fix the problem temporalily. We apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused to you.

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Before using this application, TCR registration is a must for customers using 10-digit long code (10-DLC) numbers in US and Canada. Without this registration, customers will face deliverability errors and daily limits on SMS. To register your SMS numbers with TCR, please contact RingCentral Support

Important! You need to enable pop-up for this web site in order to login your RingCentral via this Web app. After logged in successfully, if the pop-up window is not automatically dismissed, you can manually close the pop-up window and reload the page.